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Christian alcoholism treatment is an approach that centers on Christ during the recovery process. It focuses on both the individual suffering from addiction and the codependent family unit. The intention is to bring courage, strength and hope to the client while building the foundation for a better life.

A Christian rehab is similar to a standard one in that it has trained professional staff and doctors ready to address the physical and psychological aspects of recovery. It offers group and individual therapies, counseling services for the family and education about addiction. The difference is the approach is Bible based, using Christ to lead the way toward dealing with emotional problems, getting out of denial and learning how to forgive. The key to overcoming addiction is changing a negative thought pattern to one that is more positive and affirming.

The heart of a Christian alcoholism treatment program is restoring the client's faith in Christ. Rebuilding a broken relationship with God leads to stronger relationships with family, friends, community and church. The client learns to let Christ carry the burden of life's troubles instead of turning to alcohol.

It should be noted there is a large difference between a Christian that offers counsel and one that counsels using the principles of the Bible. The latter will be able to testify based on experience, use scripture and also pray with the client. It is a very personal and uplifting relationship.

Certain principles used in Christian rehab are the same as those used in Alcoholics Anonymous. The client must admit inability to manage life, powerlessness over alcohol, and hand over fate to a higher power. Without accepting those three basic facts, the chance of relapse is very high.

Anyone who is suffering the devastating effects of alcohol addiction would do well to seek a Christian rehab program to restore health and spiritual balance.

Call us today at (610) 624-1609 in Hellertown, PA

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